Nubra Valley, Ladakh
The river Shyok and Nubra meander lazily in this broad and fertile valley, often shifting channels in their sandy bed, flowing northwest to join the Indus in Baltistan. The altitude of Nubra valley is a little less than that of Leh, between 10,000ft/3050m at Hunder and 10,600ft/3230m at Panamik and with summer temperature ranging between 15-28 C.

The terrain here is different to the one you have grown familiar with on your journey up to this point and if the awesome bareness so far is getting a trifle overpowering, Nubra Valley with its gentler contours is a welcome change.

And after driving some 150kms from Leh, it is on this section where you come across sand dunes and thorny scrub akin to Sahara desert if a Bedouin landed here on the snow capped rocky mountain to the familiar sand dunes would certainly make him wonder if he had lost his sanity! You can spot the double humped Bactrian camel here. They were probably abandoned here centuries ago by passing caravans and have since flourished in this terrain.

Hunder is the last point for tourist and road beyond leads to the army base for Siachen glacier and it serve as base for tourist exploring the Nubra Valley.

Tourist can experience the double hump Bactarian Camel safari on sand dunes by the breathtakingly beautiful Shyok and Nubra river. Or drive sharply ascending road to the Diskit gompa renowned for its exquisite murals and the view from the roof is spectacular and tranquil your soul meditating at the refuge of Gyalwa Champa statue atop the rocky mountain.

A pleasant drive further east to Hunder road brings you to the village of Sumur and Panamik, famous for its hot springs and beautiful village bazzar at such height.

The Double Humped Camp-Hunder, is almost perfect blend of wilderness and tranquility. You can't help being smitten by its exotic location coupled with exceptional service. The camp reminds you of simplicity and warmth that is way of people of Ladakh. It is surely going to be a life time experience for our visitors.

Double Humped Camp - Hunder

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